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Maitland Smith Vase Pair

Thank you for shopping with us here at Vase + Vintage.  We absolutely love to source magnificent items for you and your home.  As an interior designer, I'm infinitely inspired by the patina, history, and energy antiques bring to a space.   In fact, it's that passion that motivated me to add a shop to the design studio.  Just one storied piece has the ability to elevate a room to new heights, to add interest, to make it feel layered and collected.  Like art, it's about what you love, what speaks to you, and what feels right in your life and in your home. There's nothing quite like the thrill of finding a piece that makes your heart skip a beat!  I'm a firm believer that a home is meant for inspired, relaxed living, for enjoyment, for contentment, for comfort.  Our pieces are sourced with all of this in mind and we truly hope you enjoy shopping with us and that you come back again and again to add delightful treasures to your home.

Everything on our site is antique or vintage and is sold on an 'as-is' basis.  There may be signs of wear and age and we think of these things as attributes to a life well-lived.  These characteristics add to the charm and interest of the pieces, just like as humans, our idiosyncrasies make us who we are.  We base our descriptions off of our research, knowledge, and information available upon sourcing and endeavour to describe everything as best as we can through words and photos as to the condition and provenance of a piece.  Please be sure that you've read and looked through everything and are happy with the items as stated and shown, as we don't offer refunds at this point in time.

We endeavour to ship your items within 5 working days of purchase.  Most items include free tracked shipping with exception to furniture and larger or fragile items, for which we'll quote and arrange shipping via a courier.

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